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Who are we?

SportStore is the top sports equipment supplier in New Zealand. We provide high-quality goods for your daily sporting needs. We offer a range of sporting equipment for running, football, basketball, tennis, badminton, and many more. We provide both men and women’s sports equipment. We provide the latest equipment from the top major brands from all around the world; we have it all. Come to one of our stores in New Zealand and get your sporting goods today!

New Zealand’s Top Sports Suppiler

New Zealand offers the perfect venue for any kind of sport. Running, football, basketball, tennis, etc., we have it all. The environment here presents the perfect opportunity for you to grow your skills and hone your technique. Whatever your preferred sport is, it is essential to have the best sports equipment there is in New Zealand for you to be able to give your best performance.

 If you’re looking for the latest sports gears in New Zealand, SportStore is where you should go. SportStore provides you with the latest sports equipment you need to up your performance! We provide a long-list of major brands to choose from, from all different categories. From Nike to Adidas, we offer a range of the major brands latest products that will suit your sporting needs. Our store is packed with numerous of the latest sporting goods that is waiting for you to take!

 At SportStore, there is nothing you cannot find. Our friendly and warm team will help you find the proper and best sporting goods for your daily sporting needs. They are the sport equipment specialist and enthusiast, that acts as the core of our company. They are the determined to provide you with the essential sporting goods. Furthermore, they are determined to give the best service possible with a positive and friendly attitude.

Providing High-Quality Goods with the Most Sensible Prices

Here at SportStore, our goal is simple. It is to supply our customers with the latest sporting gears with the most sensible prices. We understand that many of today’s sporting gears are highly-rated and therefore the prices just goes off the roof. SportStore offers you original and high-quality goods from the top major brands around the world, in the most sensible prices. We want to make sure that you get your money’s value by providing you high-quality and original products from the world’s top major brands.

 We look forward to satisfying our customers with providing only original brand new goods; no second-hand goods and certainly no counterfeited goods. We believe that counterfeited goods does not use the same quality of materials, and it definitely does not deliver the same boost in performance. We guarantee that the products we offer are 100% original. You can trust us to deliver the highest quality of goods in the most sensible of prices.


Why Choose Us?

SportStore is the top sports equipment supplier in New Zealand. We are more than just sports equipment enthusiast, but we are New Zealand’s sports equipment specialist. We supply high-quality sporting equipment for the people of New Zealand, in the most sensible of prices. Our brilliant team will help you choose the right sports equipment for your sporting needs. They possess exquisite knowledge of the products we supply. We are a team of enthusiastic and friendly people, who isdetermined to provide you with the best high-quality sporting goods. Please feel free to consult with our team to decide what you need for you to improve your performance in your preferred sport. Get in touch with our team and get your own sporting equipment for your daily sporting needs today!


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