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SportsStore have stores available all across New Zealand. Our stores are packed with sporting goods from all categories; ready for you come and grab them! Each of our store is divided into several sections to make help you find what you need easier. Whatever your sport is, we provide the best sports equipment to help you improve your sports performance. We are waiting for you to come to the our stores near you and we will certainly help you find what you need.


Our brilliant team will help you choose the right sports equipment for your sporting needs. They possess exquisite knowledge of the products we supply, which makes them the specialist in the sports equipment industry. We keep updated with the latest sports trends, as well with the latest releases from the major brands from all around the world.We are a team of enthusiastic and friendly people, who isdetermined to provide you with the best high-quality sporting goods. Please feel free to consult with our team to decide what you need for you to improve your performance in your preferred sport.


So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our team and get your own sporting equipment for your daily sporting needs today!

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About Free Shipping offers:

We usually do free shipping on all items over $500. See online for other items

OUR Customers:

Our customers are all over the country and some even oversea so buy up and do not be afraid to ask about sending items to your place.

Does it cost money to be a member of of our sporting club?

Registration of our online monthly discount club is absolutly free – just sign up on this site

Is Free Shipping only available for online purchases?

At the moment (until out store opens) shipping is only free for online purchases however we will be changing this when out sporting equipemt store opens.

What if I have don't want my purchase?

If it’s with 12 months and it is thru faulty workmanship (not wear and tear) you are most welcome to bring it back.

Who is eligible for Free Shipping?

Customers who purchase items over $500

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Monday – Saturday: 8am – 10pm 
Sunday: 8am – 9pm

Christmas Day: Closed

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General: (135) 321-2613

Returns: (135) 321-2600

Accounts: (135) 321-2666


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Everybody is doing it however we are not quite there other than answering the phone when you call. Yes you actually will get to talk to a REAL human being when you call us. 


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